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In 2020, online training came on stronger than the 90s trend. The pandemic meant that people shifted their habits to exercise at home. As an added bonus, many realized the appeal and flexibility of at-home workouts.

Through the magic of tech, it’s now possible to take literally any kind of fitness class online: yoga, barre, spin—the list goes on and on. Virtual group fitness has become the new “it thing” (just take a peek at Peloton’s stock prices for proof!), allowing people around the world to build a sense of community and exercise simultaneously. For the more introverted among us, one-on-one online training is a great option. With everything online training has going for it, it’s easy to see why many people want to continue exercising at home even as gyms reopen. Online training is here to stay, so it’s important for trainers to adapt quickly to ensure they aren’t left behind.

Check out this short clip to see why online training presents a huge opportunity for fitness professionals to grow their business.

Increase Personal Training Revenue

With Trainerize, you can build fitness programs, create your own nutrition and habits coaching programs, manage and motivate your clients, and track progress, all while keeping clients engaged through messaging, videos and groups.You can create any custom workout, complete with videos to demonstrate proper form. Then, via the app, you can send it right to your clients!

There’s often a fear among trainers that as they move their services online, they might lose the personal connection. However, with Trainerize you have the option to offer live or prerecorded options that can be customized for each client. This flexibility allows trainers to increase the number of clients they see each day while maintaining a personal touch and increasing their revenue without working more hours—a win-win!

Decrease Admin Time

By transitioning your clients online (or switching to a hybrid model that combines online and in-person sessions), you can maximize your time, increase the value of your offerings, and take your business to the next level. By streamlining business processes, you can save yourself a ton of time. And, you can put that time toward what’s really important to you: interacting with clients and helping them to reach their fitness goals.

Using Trainerize Pay and auto-pay Zapier integrations, you can process clients’ payment information and recurring payments, automatically invoice them, process refunds, offer discount codes and much more.

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