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Web Check: 5 Things You Probably Need to Fix On Your Website

Having a website is essential to success as a small business owner. After all, 87% of shoppers now begin with an online search.

When someone searches for “fitness professionals near me,” are you going to be one of the top results? If you have set up your website correctly and implemented a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, there’s a good chance.

If someone clicks the social media links in your footer, will they be led to your social channels? And when they click the links on your social profiles, will they be led to your website?

However, it’s easy to make common mistakes. Here are five things you probably need to fix on your website.

Your Fitness Business Website Doesn’t Look Professional

It’s true that anyone can slap together a website using a free builder. But it’s also true that those websites look unprofessional and can drive away customers. Having a poorly designed site with a vendor’s name in the footer will not help people decide to hire you!

Instead, take the time to invest in a high-quality, easy-to-use site. A professional designer will help make sure your website is SEO friendly and can be viewed easily on mobile devices. This makes it easy for customers to do business with you.

Don’t be shy about shopping around, looking at reviews, and getting recommendations. Not all web designers are created equal, and the most expensive is not necessarily the best.

Your Content is All About You

What’s the first thing a prospect is going to read when they land on your website?

If it’s anything about you, you have a problem. Folks aren’t initially interested in how many awards you’ve won, why you started your business, or how many clients you have.

When you’re marketing to personal training clients, they want to know that you understand their problem and have a way to solve it. Your website content should start with addressing those issues.

You can build your credibility as a solution later, after you’ve captured their attention.

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You Aren’t Using Local SEO to Rank Highly

Search engine optimization is a strategy that helps Google recognize your website as relevant and authoritative on a specific topic.

There’s a lot of elements to a successful SEO strategy, but if you haven’t gotten started on this vital part of your online marketing, you’re running behind.

As a small business, you can focus on local keywords to help you get to the top. It’s challenging to rank highly for “personal trainer,” but more manageable if you do “personal trainer in Newark.” It’s even simpler if you also include neighborhood names.

You should also be sure to claim your Google My Business page and take care that all information is filled in and up to date.

71% of clicks go to search results on the first page of Google, so that’s your goal. It’s a long-term strategy, but once you succeed it will pay dividends for years.

You Don’t Have a Security Certificate

Getting a security certificate, often known as SSL, is an essential part of making sure customers trust your website. As of July 2018, Google Chrome began to mark every site without an SSL certificate as “unsafe” to those who try to visit.

Almost no one will continue through to your site if Google tells them it’s unsafe. You need to have an SSL certificate and keep it up to date.

The good news is this is easy to do and generally inexpensive.

You Don’t Focus on Your Ideal Customer

One of the things a lot of small businesses fail to do is narrow down their ideal customer. After all, as a gym or trainer, you serve everyone, right?

Technically yes, but there’s power in actually choosing a niche. When you have an ideal customer, you can be more personalized with your offer. You can build your business to be exactly what they need, which will make it easier for them to choose you and stick with you.

If you’re catering to families, you’ll want a childcare option and you should mention it prominently. If you’re focusing on professionals, that won’t resonate at all.

It pays to know who – exactly – you’re looking for!

Your Website Matters

Having a great website that ranks highly on Google can bring you a lot of new business. It’s an important part of your marketing strategy, so you should invest in doing it right. Carve out a few hours this week and take your website to the next level.

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