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Being an online trainer sounds like a dream, right? Working from home (pandemic or not!), making your own schedule, and no fear of last-minute client cancellations? These are all wonderful perks when working as an online personal trainer… right? 

Not always! In order to run a smooth, professional, high-earning online fitness business, you might need a bit more structure. It’s important to put in the time, commit to a schedule, and be disciplined in order to be an effective online trainer. Let’s take a snapshot of my typical day as an online trainera day in the life of an online trainerand break it down into sections throughout the day. I’ve got lots of tips to share that you can put into practice for your own online fitness business! 


Sure, you don’t have to get up for that five a.m. client… but you still need to get up and get going! My mornings begin with coffee and a notebook. I consult notes that I’ve written from the day before to make sure I’m staying on track. 

Morning is the time for you to get clear on what your day has in store for your online fitness business and presence. Continue to write and develop your ideas. Let that wonderful cup of brown serum (I wasn’t kidding about coffee being necessary for this step!) light up your brain and start to awaken your creativity. 

Pro tip: Social posts are most viewed in the early morning, around 7 a.m. If you’re not awake at this time or simply can’t remember to post on a schedule, plan a step ahead and schedule your posts (this can easily be done on Facebook)! This is a great time to get in front of your audience.

For a day where I am onboarding a new client (after we’ve held their initial phone consultation), I use my post-coffee buzz to put their training plan together on Trainerize. After discussing that client’s specific goals and needs, it’s time to go to my personalized recorded exercise library I’ve uploaded through the app. My clients who have trained with me in person before absolutely love being able to see me in the app along with my logo. I make sure to record the client’s goals in the app under the Goals section, and I always make sure to upload their meal plans and adjust their macros accordingly too. 

Pro tip: If you are providing meal and macro plans, have your client sync their MyFitnessPal app to the Trainerize app. In addition, ask the client to share their food diary with you under the privacy settings of MyFitnessPal. You will be able to see their every meal and make suggestions as needed.


It’s my time to look over my messages, including email, Instagram, Facebook, texts, and Trainerize. It is a priority for me to keep my response time quick and consistent! A quick response will make your clients and prospects feel valued. This is another great time to create conversationjust a simple “Hey there, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself,” works wonders. These small conversations add up and allow your audience to know you’re a real person. 

Pro tip: On Instagram, go to a popular hashtag within your expertise of service, such as #postpartumfitness or #weightlossjourney. Go to these profiles of these hashtags and leave a like and comment (compliments, in particular, go a long way!). Do this for about five to ten minutes once a day and you will see your following grow as well as more leads reaching out to you.

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The afternoon is my favourite time to check in with my clients. Sending a quick reminder for them to get their workout in for that day will hold them accountable. Even though you’re an online trainer, you’re still monitoring closely and that you value their success. 

Although I train virtually, my clients know my attention is on them for their daily workouts. When I don’t see that it’s been completed, I like to send an affirmation that I know they can get it done. If a client complains about joint issues, for example, it’s my duty to adjust their workouts accordingly in the app. I also give them feedback with their food diaries, since Trainerize syncs with MyFitnessPal. Believe me, your clients will love the attention to pay to their fitness and nutrition needs. 

Pro tip: Turn on your Trainerize app notifications so you are immediately aware when clients have checked in and completed their workout for the day. 

The afternoon is also my time to create new content and strategize. Take out that notebook and start brainstorming a blog article, Instagram Live or IGTV video talking about something valuable in your training expertise, focus on new ways to increase your revenue with a small group training challenge, and develop challenges for your current online clients. It’s important to keep the content flow consistent, as your current clients and prospects will continue seeking your expertise and knowledge.  

Pro tip: Keep a weekly content calendar and for each day of the week post one of these pieces of content. Don’t forget to share them across all of your channels, including your social media platforms and email list.

Late Afternoon

Take the late afternoon to talk numbers. So many personal trainers out there have no idea where their financials are currently or where they are aiming to go for revenue and profits. For me, having a clear vision of my numbers not only helps with current sales but also helps me understand where I can scale to increase visibility, profits, and clients. Buckle down on a regular basis and make sure things are looking goodavoiding this task will not help your business grow!

Pro tip: Track key numbers in an Excel document or a Google Sheets document. Things like monthly sales, your client and prospect conversations, your conversion rates, and your Instagram and Facebook followers. While this sounds tedious, it can be easily managed with just a few minutes per month. 


As things begin to wind down for the day, it is another prime time for your audience is on social media. I like to use this time to continue building relationships and trust by sharing knowledge. It’s also time to reflect inward and prioritize the next day’s tasks! 

Pro tip: Instead of writing down all of the things you have to do the next day, try writing down the top three things you must do in order to grow your business. You’ll find that this prevents those other little errands and tasks from distracting you. You can focus on the things you need to accomplish! 

To finish off the day, it is also important to make time for yourself and schedule accordingly. After all, flexibility is why you left the boxing gym in the first place, right? Always stay hungry to learn and read as much material as you can to get ahead of your competitors and to keep your clients happy. Never stop growing and learning, and you’ll never stop achieving your dreams of being an online trainer!

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