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Looking to take your fitness studio to the next level this year? A personal training app could be the missing link for your business. 

As a studio owner, you want to provide your team of trainers with the best tools available to engage clients and grow their individual businesses. That’s where a personal training app can help!

The right software will make it simple for your team to deliver customized workouts, track progress, connect with clients, and manage their schedules. An app centralizes and automates key tasks, freeing up their time to focus on coaching. Plus, it shows you care about setting them up for success.

Keep reading to explore the best personal training apps on the market so you can choose the best option for your studio!

7 of the Best Personal Training Apps for Fitness Studios 

Personal training apps help your trainers get on the same page — and consistently deliver great results for clients. Here are 7 of the best personal training apps to choose from:

ABC Trainerize

We’re a bit biased, but when it comes to choosing a personal training app for your studio, ABC Trainerize rises above the rest. Our software makes coaching simpler for your team by centralizing key tasks in one easy place.

For example, your trainers can build custom workout and nutrition plans right in the app. This level of personalization keeps clients super engaged because they’re getting tailored support. Plus, progress tracking lets your trainers monitor each client so they can provide an encouraging boost or feedback on form when it’s needed. 

In-app messaging makes two-way communication a breeze between your team and clients. Your trainers can answer questions, provide motivation, and develop closer connections with clients. The app syncs across devices, so trainers and clients stay updated no matter where they are.

With ABC Trainerize, your team will save time on tedious admin work, freeing them up to focus on what they do best — coaching and motivating clients. 

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PT Distinction 

PT Distinction is another great choice to equip your team. The app makes it simple to customize fitness programs based on each client’s goals, with lots of options to tailor workout and nutrition plans. Your trainers can easily adjust sets, reps, weights, and more to provide targeted guidance.

The app also makes it easy to closely monitor clients through features like live workout feeds and progress photos. This level of visibility helps your team provide timely feedback and encouragement — exactly when your clients need it.

Plus, with the app’s easy messaging and group chat features, your trainers will stay in constant communication with clients to keep them motivated. Plus, virtual assessments like movement screens and body composition analysis provide the data your trainers need to create super personalized workout and nutrition plans. 

In other words, PT Distinction gives your team everything they need to deliver an awesome, tailored training experience.

Nudge Coach 

Nudge Coach is another personal training app that pretty much gives your trainers communication super powers. With the app’s next-level messaging features, your trainers can instantly reach clients one-on-one or in groups to provide ongoing encouragement and accountability. 

The app also lets your team build custom habit trackers to keep clients accountable on their fitness journeys. Tracking progress has never been easier!

Best of all, everything is in one place — workout content, nutrition plans, communication, and more. This makes it simpler to deliver training across client groups.

Nudge Coach gives your team everything needed to deliver excellent client experiences that get results. If you’re looking to step up your coaching game, Nudge Coach is a winning solution.

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Looking for a comprehensive personal training app? Everfit checks all the boxes.

First, the app provides birds-eye visibility into each client’s progress through exercise PRs and biometrics. Seeing how clients are doing makes it easy for your trainers to provide timely feedback and virtual high fives.

Another advantage is Everfit’s habit coaching features that keep clients plugged in between training sessions. Task lists, reminders, and prompts help keep your clients on track.

And with Everfit, your team can fully customize workout and nutrition plans based on each client’s goals and needs. Personalized programming = targeted guidance that leads to RESULTS. 

Plus, automating program delivery and communication saves your trainers time for more coaching!

It’s true — Everfit gives your team an all-in-one solution for providing personalized training experiences that work


TrueCoach is another personal training app designed to help your team excel.

First, it lets your team create custom exercise demo videos. No more curating workouts on YouTube and linking them to exercises on a spreadsheet.

For tracking progress, TrueCoach lets your clients log their metrics so you can see their progress over time. These insights help your team adjust programs as needed.

Speaking of programs, the workout builder feature lets your trainers create customized plans for each client. TrueCoach also automatically calculates how well clients are sticking to their assigned workouts.

TrueCoach gives your team everything they need to be successful at their jobs — without time-sucking admin or switching between text, email, and spreadsheets. It’s an all-in-one platform ready to help your studio grow. 

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Studio calendar a bit chaotic? Let Setmore simplify your scheduling. 

First, the booking page feature lets your clients self-schedule appointments based on each trainer’s services, availability, and reviews. Three cheers for automated booking!

Calendar syncing on mobile gives full visibility into the schedule for trainers and clients alike. Plus, automated text reminders reduce no-shows by prompting your clients about upcoming sessions. *poke*

For group training, Setmore manages booking and class reservations without breaking a sweat. 

Finally, the integrated payment functionality lets your team collect secure online payments ahead of sessions.

In a nutshell, Setmore helps your team streamline admin and maximize training time through calendar and booking management. 


Justcoach is another solid personal training app that equips your team with helpful tracking and programming options. 

The app lets you track every aspect of client progress — from nutrition and activity levels, to habits and motivation. Visibility like this builds big-time accountability!

Justcoach also makes it super easy to set customized goals and meal plans tailored to each client. Now your trainers can serve up truly personalized programs to meet each person’s needs.

Plus, fun group challenges and progress reports make it simple to keep clients engaged and on track.

With strengths in tracking, client engagement, and reporting, Justcoach gives your team everything they need to take their coaching game to the next level.

ABC Trainerize Can Take Your Studio to the Next Level

Bells and whistles aside, the best personal training app is the one your team will actually use

At ABC Trainerize, we believe client engagement is the core of an amazing coaching experience. 

We’re the #1 coaching app for client engagement for a reason — we take your trainers online and deliver experiences that help your clients reach their goals faster. And happy, fulfilled clients lead to stronger fitness businesses. 

In other words, we take your team’s capabilities to the next level while also boosting your bottom line. What’s not to love?

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