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Personal training software is designed to make your life as a trainer easier. It’s one of the reasons we created ABC Trainerize. We want you to have more time on your hands, so you have the ability to train more clients and ultimately, make more money.

Here are some of the many ways using a personal training software can revolutionize the way you manage your fitness business.

5 Reasons to Use a Personal Training Software

#1: It saves you a lot of time

Personal training software can really cut out a lot of ‘busy work’.

It allows trainers to efficiently manage thins like client information, fitness goals, progress tracking, and session history. By centralizing all of this information in one place, you can easily access and update profiles, schedule sessions, and communicate with clients.

There’s also a lot less paperwork involved. With everything stored online, you don’t need to have PAR-Q, consultation, or waiver forms in folders and desk drawers.

All of this leads to better organization. There’s a more streamlined signup process, and ultimately more time to focus on what truly matters — training clients and growing your business.

#2: It makes customized workout planning easy

Many personal training software platforms (such as ABC Trainerize!) include features for creating customized workout plans tailored to each client’s goals, fitness level, and preferences.

Trainers can design comprehensive exercise routines, track progress, and adjust plans as needed to ensure clients stay motivated and achieve optimal results.

These tools can save time and effort by providing templates and exercise libraries that trainers can adapt to meet individual client needs. 

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#3: Improved progress tracking and analytics

One of the most valuable features of personal training software is its ability to track client progress and analyze performance metrics over time. Trainers can input data such as body measurements, fitness assessments, and workout results to monitor client progress effectively.

Analytics tools may also provide insights into trends, strengths, and areas for improvement, enabling trainers to adjust strategies and set realistic goals for their clients. This ties nicely into our previous point about better customized workouts. The more data you have at on your hands, the better the program you can build for each client.

Platforms like ABC Trainerize that integrate with popular apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal mean that you can easily view client heart rate activity and nutrition stats, making it a truly one-stop-shop for all your personal training needs.

#4: It provides extra motivation for your clients

Using personal training software means you now have another way to communicate with your clients. Not phone, not text, but straight through the app where you are providing training to them.

You can keep your clients motivated and accountable, through email reminders and push notifications.

On top of all that, there are things like body stats graphs and check-ins to let the client know if they’re making progress. There’s also social posting options for them to share their progress and hard work with their friends and the wider world on social media. 

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#5: You can make (a lot) more money

Who wouldn’t like to earn a little extra cash, especially while doing something they’re passionate about? Using personal training software can help you up your income in several different ways.

First off, it can help you streamline various aspects of your fitness business operations, such as scheduling, billing, client invoicing and getting paid. By automating administrative tasks, trainers can focus more on delivering quality service and growing their client base.

Secondly, with the addition of online training to your personal training packages, you can start charging more. Think of online training as an add-on. If you train your clients once or twice a week, try sending them workouts to do when you’re not around. You can charge them for online training at a discounted rate from your regular in-person training.

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And finally, offering online training powered by personal training software such as ABC Trainerize allows you to broaden your client base. You aren’t tied to any physical location. You can now offer your services to clients no matter where in the world they might be!

So there you have it, five very good reasons that you should be using a personal training software…like ABC Trainerize.

Why not test us out with a 30-day free trial? Sign up by clicking on the link below and start transforming the way you do business!

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