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When you create and sell personal training it can be a super rewarding way to grow your fitness business. First, offering customized programs allows you to attract a wider client base. Second, it opens up a whole new revenue stream by letting you sell your expertise online as well as in-person.

Hey, we get it—selling personal training can feel awkward or intimidating when you don’t know where to start. 

That’s why we’ve curated a list of 6 essential tips to make sales a no-brainer. These tips apply whether you want to sell virtual personal training, run hybrid programs, or offer them exclusively in-person. Let’s dive in!

6 Tips to Create and Sell Personal Training Programs

Ready to create and sell personal training programs online or in-person to take your fitness business to the next level by ? Keep reading for our essential tips. 

#1: Find what you’re passionate about

This might sound obvious, but identifying your passion is one of the first and most crucial steps to selling personal training programs. This will not only make your work more fulfilling, but it’ll also help you attract the right clients who share your vibe. 

Reflect on the following questions to uncover your personal training zone of genius:

  • What types of activities or exercises do you genuinely love and feel most passionate about sharing with others?
  • Do you have a particular fitness philosophy or approach that resonates with you deeply?
  • What age group or demographic do you enjoy working with the most?
  • What specific health or fitness goals do you find most rewarding to help clients achieve?

Having a clear sense of who you enjoy working with and how you can best serve them will set you up for success with the next tip: capturing leads. 

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#2: Capture leads 

Capturing leads is the next step. A lead is a potential client who has expressed interest in your services, and gathering leads is essential for continually growing your client base. 

There are several common ways for personal trainers to capture leads:

Work the gym floor

Engaging with people at the gym and introducing yourself can be effective, but it’s important to be respectful and not overly pushy.

Social media 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can be powerful tools for reaching potential clients and showcasing your expertise.

Word of mouth and referrals

Satisfied clients can be your best advocates, spreading the word about your services to their friends and family.


Attending fitness events, joining local business groups, or partnering with complementary businesses can help you connect with new leads.

Traditional advertising

Print ads, flyers, or online advertisements can reach a broader audience but can be costly.

Remember, capturing leads is just the first step—it’s essential to nurture these leads and effectively communicate the value you can provide as their personal trainer.

#3: Offer an experience working with you 

Once you’ve captured leads, the next step is to provide an opportunity for prospective clients to experience working with you firsthand. 

Offering a free consultation or a complimentary first session can be a powerful way to showcase your expertise, training style, and personality. This allows potential clients to determine if you’re a good fit for their needs and preferences. It also gives you a chance to demonstrate the value you can provide.

If you have an active online presence, you can also direct prospects to your Instagram or YouTube, allowing them to visualize what working with you might be like. Seeing you in action, whether in person or through digital platforms, can help build trust and rapport, making it easier for leads to commit to your services. 

#4: Solve pain points 

Solving pain points is key for turning leads into clients. 

Not sure what their pain points are? Simply ask

This gives you an opportunity to ask open-ended questions and respond with empathy and curiosity, demonstrating an understanding of their concerns. 

One common pain point is a negative experience with a previous trainer. In these cases, acknowledge their frustration while highlighting how your approach differs: 

“I can definitely understand the disappointment of not seeing the results you’d hoped for. Every trainer has a unique style, and their approach may not have been the best fit for you. I’d love to learn about your goals and preferences to tailor a program that truly aligns with your needs.” 

By actively listening, validating concerns, and positioning yourself as the solution, you can build trust and solve pain points like a pro. 

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#5: Set a fair price point

Figuring out how much to charge for your personal training services is a big deal. 

If you’re doing live video sessions with online clients, you can pretty much price it like you would for in-person training at a gym—simply base it on the length of the session. 

But when it comes to pre-made online training programs, you need to think about the actual value you’re providing and what similar programs in the market are going for. Don’t forget to account for all the time and hard work you put into creating each program, too.

At the end of the day, you want your rates to be fair for both you and your clients based on the total package you’re delivering.

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#6: Offer personal training bundles

Leads waffling on price? Consider offering personal training bundles to cater to different needs and budgets. 

Let’s say your prospect can only commit to 1 in-person training session a week. No problem! You can easily create a bundle that provides unlimited virtual support and accountability so they stay on track in between sessions. 

Here’s something else to consider: value-adds like nutrition coaching or habit coaching can be super impactful. Offering these extras on top of the workout programming allows you to customize bundles to meet your clients’ needs and goals. 

Bundling services in this way demonstrates your commitment to your clients’ success. It also helps keep clients satisfied and working with you for the long-term. 

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