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Diversify, diversify, diversity. You’ve probably been told time and time again to diversify your fitness revenue with health and fitness affiliate marketing, but how do you actually do that? 

Firstly, the strategy works. People buy affiliate marketing health and fitness products all the time. And, you’ve even probably bought something off a recommendation before yourself. Plus, it’s a total win-win. For example, big brands get the help of fitness professionals to tap into grassroots networks of real athletes in their target audience.  And you? You get paid—plus the “woah, they must be good” shine that comes with brand partnerships.   

At ABC Trainerize, we’ve got a deep background in affiliate marketing for fitness (we run our own affiliate program AND we empower trainers to earn affiliate revenue through TZ Storefront)—and we love sharing inside intel. So let’s dive a little deeper, and explore how to put this strategy to work, no matter your fitness niche. 

First, we’ll start by exploring what affiliate marketing encompasses, before diving into the top affiliate programs out there right now. Later, we’ll even discuss paid strategies you can use to reach your health and fitness niche for affiliate marketing. So come on, let’s dive in! 


What is affiliate marketing for health and fitness?

First, people trust people, not businesses. That core marketing insight is the driver behind affiliate marketing. And, it taps into the power of trust and personal recommendations to sell high-quality products.

Next, many industries use it, and it’s as simple as it is effective for fitness professionals. For example, you find a brand you like, sign up for their affiliate program, and promote their products to your audience. Then, every time a sale gets made through the unique affiliate link, you’ll earn a set commission rate.

Why does affiliate marketing work for trainers and businesses?

Firstly, for businesses, affiliate marketing is a super cost-effective way to market products and services—because they have to pay out only pay out when you help them make a sale. Secondly, on the flip side, as an affiliate marketer, you get the freedom to choose products you believe in and earn recurring commissions that complement your training revenue. Finally, this dual-sided advantage makes affiliate marketing a total win-win, and strategically savvy for everyone. 

13 of the best health and fitness affiliate programs for 2024

First, there are a ton of companies that want you to sign up for their affiliate programs—but only some are worth your time investment. So, let’s explore some of the very best ones you can use to max out your earnings in the fitness industry. 

1. ABC Trainerize


Firstly, if your audience includes trainers and gym owners, this one’s for you. Additionally, the ABC Trainerize Affiliate Program offers you the chance to promote our products, which make client engagement and workout management a total piece of cake. Next, it’s easy to showcase, too. Additionally, you might talk about how you use Trainerize to automate your client interactions and find more work-life balance—then encourage others in the industry to sign up through your affiliate link. Boom, done. 


  • Recurring commissions, paid out monthly. 
  • High-quality, versatile fitness software with broad appeal.
  • Complements a wide range of fitness business models


  • Requires a basic understanding of digital tools for effective promotion.

2. TZ Storefront powered by WRKOUT


3. MyProtein


Source: MyProtein

Secondly, the MyProtein affiliate program is a great choice for personal trainers and gym owners who’re focused on sports nutrition. Additionally, you’ll get to promote high-quality protein powders and supplements, which likely line up with your clients’ health goals. For example, you could talk about how one of your training clients used a specific MyProtein supplement in their nutrition or weight loss plan—and then link out to that exact product. 


  • Wide range of nutrition products.
  • Attractive commission rates.


  • May require nutritional expertise to recommend specific products effectively.

4. Bowflex


Source: Bowflex

Thirdly, the Bowflex does it all—and so does their affiliate program. Additionally, this affiliate program centers around Bowflex’s high-end home fitness equipment, which makes it a strong choice for gym owners and trainers that want to recommend quality workout gear. Next, you might casually include Bowflex equipment in training tutorials you post on social media, then pick up a commission on any sales you get through your affiliate like.


  • Renowned for durable, high-quality equipment.
  • Competitive commission structure (on high-ticket products!)


  • Higher product prices means longer decision-making times for clients.

5. ProForm

Pro Form

Source: ProForm

Similarly, like Bowflex, ProForm offers an affiliate program focusing on high-end fitness machines—which means it’s a great fit for trainers who talk about home workout solutions. Additionally, you can use ProForm equipment in online workout sessions or place it at the top of a home workout product roundup, then guide people to make purchases through affiliate links.


  • Wide variety of modern fitness equipment.
  • Competitive commission structure.


  • Requires space and investment for demonstrating equipment effectively.

6. TRX Training

TRX Training

Source: TRX Training

Next, another equipment-focused program, TRX offers affiliates the chance to promote gear supporting functional training. Additionally, affiliates can earn by promoting TRX equipment through their training videos and tutorials (and carefully driving people to the right purchase links).


  • Effective for targeting an audience interested in functional training.
  • Well-known brand in the fitness space.


  • Specific product focus may not appeal to all client bases.

7. Nike


Source: TRX Training

Additionally, you know Nike already. Similarly, their affiliate program offer gives trainers and gym owners the chance to earn from promoting their near-infinate range of athletic apparel and footwear. Next, working promo into your content is super easy, too: you could review a new set of Nike trainers and tag the product on social media so your followers can buy them.  


  • Promotes functional training versatility.
  • Well-known brand.


  • Competitive market with many affiliates.
  • Slightly lower commission rate. 

8. Under Armour

under armour

Source: Under Armour

Next, the Under Armour affiliate program is great for those focusing on high-performance sportswear. Additionally, it’s ultra-simple to promote their products, which most athletes already have a passing knowledge of. For example, you might talk about how Under Armour apparel helped you smash a personal best in a recent outdoor training session—and then leave a sneaky lil’ affiliate link in your social media bio.


  • High-quality, popular sportswear
  • Extremely well-known brand.


  • Just like Nike, there’s stiff competition from other affiliates. 

9. LifeSpan Fitness

Lifespan Fitness

Source: Under Armour

Similarly, LifeSpan Fitness specializes in workout equipment, which means they’re perfect for trainers who deliver coaching focused on exercise at home. Additionally, affiliates could feature LifeSpan treadmills or bikes in workout videos—or talk about how they’re a solid option for home settings.


  • Diverse range of fitness equipment.
  • Home gym focus means a larger target audience.


  • Higher price means longer purchase decision.
  • Requires quite a bit of space for equipment demos.


Body Gym


Next, BODYGYM is different. For example, unlike many brands that offer huge product lines, they offer a unique portable workout system—which you can do with a single bar and some resistance bands. This offer is perfect for trainers focusing on home or on-the-go workouts, and promoting it could be as simple as offering tutorials on how to use the bar effectively. 


  • Innovative, portable equipment.
  • Appeals to home workout enthusiasts.


  • Limited product range compared to other affiliate programs.

11. BeachBody

Beach Body

Source: BeachBody

Similarly, who doesn’t love a good meal replacement? BeachBody specializes in nutrition products, and their affiliate program is great for folks who specialize in at-home workout routines. Try talking about your own nutrition regimen, mention that you use BeachBody, and remember to include an affiliate link—that’s an affiliate ad. (Seriously, it’s that easy.) 


  • Wide range of fitness programs and supplements.
  • Well-known for at-home workouts.


  • Highly-competitive affiliate market due to popularity.

12. Fitbit


Source: Fitbit

Similarly, Biotracking is all the rage, and Fitbit is a huge part of that. Fitbit’s program allows trainers to earn by promoting their industry-leading line of fitness trackers, which appeal to everyone who’s interested in data-driven fitness. For example, talk about how you use Fitbit to track your progress, and gently drive people to your affiliate links—then watch the purchases rack up. 


  • Popular, trusted fitness technology brand.
  • High-ticket item means a higher cut on every sale. 


  • Technology-specific fitness niche is more narrow.

13. Wahoo Fitness

wahoo fitness

Source: Wahoo Fitness

Next, like Fitbit, Wahoo Fitness specializes in smart fitness equipment and apps. Additionally, trainers can earn commissions by promoting products that integrate technology into fitness routines. Next, wIth high-end products like the Wahoo line, driving purchases will likely revolve around creating entertaining demos. Finally, show how Wahoo’s smart trainers keep you motivated during indoor cycling sessions, create a little FOMO, and you’ll have people grabbing their credit cards. 


  • Innovative smart fitness solutions.
  • Appeals to tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts.


  • Higher price point may deter some clients.

14. Rogue Fitness

rogue fitness

Source: Rogue Fitness

Lastly, tapping into existing communities is super smart when you’re doing affiliate marketing for health and fitness. For example, Rogue Fitness is already popular in the CrossFit community, and their product line is ideal for folks focusing on strength training. So, if you’re already doing CrossFit coaching, their durable workout gear will slot naturally into the training videos you’re already sharing. (Just remember to include a clear call to action!) 


  • Already popular in the CrossFit community. 
  • High-quality, ultra-tough fitness equipment.


  • Niche focus on strength training equipment.

How to use paid advertising for health and fitness affiliate marketing

Sometimes you need to give your organic affiliate marketing efforts a little juice. Let’s talk about how to make the most of your affiliate strategy with effective paid advertising. 

1. Develop a PPC campaign

Firstly, developing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is cost-effective and actually effective. You’ll bid on relevant keywords related to health and fitness products, which ensure your ads appear only to the right audience. This paid method allows you to keep your costs under control while increasing the average order volume for your affiliate products.

2. Use Google Ads

Similarly, people go to Google to learn about fitness products, so reach them tere. Google Ads offer a powerful platform to promote your affiliate products. By creating ads that are keyword-rich and tailored to your fitness niche, you can attract potential buyers who are actively searching for related products. Your ads will get that extra hit of trust, ‘cause you’re a real trainer—and not some massive fitness corporation.  

3. Boost successful organic social posts

Next, social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows you to tap into a vast audience—and the simplest way to do it is to boost what’s already working. Create organic posts with calls-to-action, then put a small amount of paid budget behind the ones that are naturally getting attention to help them break through even further. You’ll help your affiliate partners promote their products to a bigger audience, and add more revenue for yourself. (We’ve got a guide to fitness social media here, for the curious.)

4. Retarget folks who’ve seen you before

Additionally, retargeting is a crucial tactic in paid advertising, including for affiliate marketing. This involves showing ads to users who have already interacted with your content or website but didn’t make a purchase. You’ll need to create a separate piece of content to show them, since folks won’t want to see the same ad twice. It’s worth doing, though—retargeting keeps your affiliate products top-of-mind and increases your average orders.

5. Partner with other trainers

Finally, team up, buttercup! Collaborating with other fitness professionals and influencers can amplify your paid advertising efforts and help you tap into new audiences. Create a joint post that features your affiliate products, and you’ll reach both audiences in one go. If it performs well, add some paid budget behind it. You’ll combine the authenticity of influencer marketing with the targeted reach of paid advertising, and seriously boost your earning potential.


So, what’s next?

Now that you know the core strategies for using affiliate marketing for your fitness business, you’re ready to start scaling up your training revenue. Luckily, that’s our whole deal. ABC Trainerize makes the operations side of things bone-simple, from streamlining membership management to delivering video training. 

That means more time to focus on diversifying your revenue through passive income streams—like any of these affiliate marketing programs we just explored. And if you’ve got an audience of trainers, our affiliate program might be the perfect match. (You will earn 15% recurring commissions, and make their lives that much easier, and.)

ABC Trainerize Affiliate Program

Did you know that you can earn money by helping us spread the word about ABC Trainerize and getting more fitpros and business owners to subscribe?

For every new ABC Trainerize subscriber (paid user) that signs up using your unique referral link, you’ll earn a 15% recurring commission on the price of their subscription. This applies to both our monthly and annual plans, as well as any recurring add-ons!

Follow the link to learn all there is to know about the ABC Trainerize Affiliate Program.

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