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Organized Fitness Business

Organization Pro Tips is a blog series where trainers share their tried and true organizational strategies.

GET ORGANIZED—NOW’S THE TIME! An organized trainer is a professional trainer! Remember, you are your own boss and your own CEO, treat your fitness business like the top-notch, elite company you are proud to own and run. The more organized you are, the less time it will take you to do the behind-the-scenes work. You’ve got to manage your administrative tasks efficiently while remaining present for your clients and potential clients. In order to stay organized, use the amazing Trainerize features to propel your fitness business to new heights.

Here are a few things you can do in order to build your fitness business with a pristine organization!

Tag your clients

Trainerize contains an amazing feature in which you can add tag(s) to your clients to keep them organized. For example, if you have a client who is nutrition-focused, tag them as so. When you come into the app, you can group these “nutrition-focused” clients so they are easy to find and you can give them more nutritional assistance throughout their journey. Use these tags as mini dividers! It’s just like how a receptionist has her dividers in their filing cabinet. It’ll make it quick to locate your clients and allow you to attend to them efficiently.

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Reuse and recycle fitness programs

We all know how time-consuming it is to start a client’s fitness program from scratch. In order to build your fitness business, reuse and recycle exercises, nutritional guidance, and so forth. Now, while each client has their unique needs and goals, it might not work well to copy an entire program from another. Rather grab some pieces of that previous program and use what you can for that specific client. Think of it as working smarter, not harder. This will help you be able to apply more time to reach out to prospects and grow your audience rather than doing all the behind the scenes work.

Categorize programs and exercises

Using the Master Program and Master Workout features in Trainerize, you are able to stay organized with your programs as well as quickly build future programs.

Here’s a quick example, modify as needed to benefit your unique fitness business: Categorize your exercise plans! Categories can include:

  1. Low impact
  2. High impact
  3. Resistance training
  4. Interval training

The more organized you are in your own programs and exercises, the easier it is to find them, build on them, and create future training plans quickly and efficiently.

Using these different organizational tips in line with client files will not only help your professional administrative tasks, but will reflect in your professional presence as a business owner. No matter how many clients you have, the organization is key to success. Continue filing these clients using your Trainerize app features to bring you that elite level of professional presence that you and your clients will love.

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