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Upselling: How to Give and Get More with Your Existing Clients

The saying, “it’s easier to keep a client then it is to get a new one” has a lot of truth to it, especially when it comes to personal training clients. Upselling to your clients can help keep them engaged and seeing results so that they continue training with you.

There are a variety of ways to help retain fitness training clients and make some extra cash. For instance, upselling your clients with additional services to make them more successful. What you offer your existing clients will depend on a lot of factors, like how long you’ve been working with them, their level of training, and their specific goals or needs—but perhaps most important is the way you’re training them (in-person, online or both).

In-Person Clients

There are several upselling options to offer your in-person training clients. If they are not currently using the fitness app, it would be beneficial to add this tool to their training. There are several benefits for both the trainer and the client with the app. The app can help your client track workouts, have access to workouts with videos from anywhere, track progress, message and stay in touch with you, and share workouts with friends. In-person clients can also train with a group of friends using the app for even more accountability and sync other fitness apps as well.

Upselling the app helps you see which workouts your client is doing on their own and keep in touch. You can develop a more comprehensive program because your client is doing suggested workouts on their own. This holds them more accountable, and seeing results much faster than in-person training alone. Providing the above reasons to clients can help you upsell the training app feature to go along with in-person training.

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Online Clients

If a client is already utilizing the training app, then use this opportunity to upsell them other services such as a package that contains both app and in-person training sessions. These packages are good for people that struggle with accountability or are new to exercising and require a little more one on one attention. Training could include one on one or small group sessions depending on your clients needs and financial situation.

Hybrid Clients

Finally, there are other upselling services that can be offered to clients already taking advantage of in-person training, app training and/or both. Consider offering nutrition plans or classes, fitness classes or bootcamps, and lifestyle coaching services to add on to existing training packages. Upselling any of these useful services to your existing clients can help make them more successful in reaching their health and fitness goals. It can also make you a more successful trainer.

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