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3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Video Workouts to Your Services

When it comes to truly engaging content, nothing beats video! Adding videos to your services is an incredible way to enhance client engagement and deliver personalized guidance like never before. It can also be a powerful sales tool for you and your services. So, let’s dive in!

Here are three reasons you should incorporate video workouts into your fitness business. 

#1: To demonstrate good form 

Video is a great way for you to show your remote clients exactly how you’d like them to complete an exercise. This is great not only for beginners but also for long time client that may need a refresher. 

Additionally, video gives you the opportunity to give your clients those extra details that you can’t always get across in your notes. Those queues and adjustments that you give in person, you can also relay in a video. There is also a lot of value in your clients seeing firsthand how you progress through your sets. We all know how tough it can be to work through those last few reps, especially towards the end of a third or fourth set. This is where you can encourage them to power through and remind them of what’s needed to maintain good form as the body starts to tire during those last few reps.  

All of this information is going to give your clients a solid foundation and educate them on how best to workout in a safe and effective manner. 

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#2: To repurpose content 

We’ve already mentioned how valuable it is for your clients to see workouts on video, but don’t forget that there’s lots of value in there for you too! You can repurpose your video content in several ways for several different uses. Here are two easy examples using Trainerize: 

– Use the videos for content marketing: Repurpose some of the workout videos and create a Free Product in Trainerize. The videos are ready to go anyway, so take a couple of them and create a free trial product. Share far and wide and let the leads come in! Learn more about creating free products here. 

– Make playlists for continuing education: With Trainerize’s new On-demand Programs feature, you can create libraries of workouts that your clients can choose from whenever they’d like. I love using this feature to create some alternatives in case my client can’t make it to the gym, or some stretch routines that will complement their main workout program. Learn more here.  

All of these allow you to reach more clients with very little effort. You put in the work once and reap the rewards for years to come!  

#3: For increased engagement and fun! 

There’s lots of engagement value when it comes to using video. Your clients can rewatch videos later, so they’re more likely to stick to their workout and power through tough exercises. But equally important, video allows you to have fun with clients! Make jokes, tell a short anecdote, encourage them through timed exercises (such as planks!) and let your personality shine through.  

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For example, last summer I dog sat for a few friends and from time to time they would come in front of the camera while I was filming the workouts. At first, I would cut those parts out or refilm but over time, my clients mentioned they loved seeing them make cameos, so I let them stay and they were a big hit!  

gif 3 Reasons Why You Need to Add Video Workouts to Your Services

– – –  

Getting started is the hardest part, so keep things simple and don’t worry so much about heavily editing your videos either. Keep those bloopers and pet (or kid!) cameos and you’ll find your clients appreciate how genuine and personable you come across. Moreover, your clients will appreciate it if you share a variety of content with them as opposed to limited content that’s fancy with edits and transitions etc.

We always tell our clients, workouts don’t have to be fancy, the most important part is showing up and the same goes for you! Don’t overthink it, get something out there and create more based on your clients’ feedback. If there’s anything I’ve learned from sharing video workouts with my clients over the years, it’s that being your authentic self is the best thing you can do.  

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Tiffani Bassi

Tiffani is a Product Education Specialist at Trainerize. She’s also the founder & personal trainer at Train with Tiff. Four years into her career, looking to make an even bigger impact, she was drawn to working in the fitness technology industry and joined the team at Trainerize. Tiffani is passionate about movement and helping others—at Trainerize, she empowers thousands of trainers to better support their clients—resulting in more people finding success in their health and fitness journeys. Tiffani hopes to inspire new trainers to follow their passions and build rewarding careers. Tiffani enjoys working with all levels of clients, from beginners to professional athletes. She is certified through BCRPA as well as FMS Level 1&2 and Precision Nutrition Level 1.

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