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Full transparency: I have been using Trainerize to train clients online since day 1 of Trainerize’s existence. I am so grateful for how much it has helped me grow my business and expand my reach as a fitness coach. That being said, all of the latest features Trainerize has rolled have truly helped me grow even more! I now use the app to coach clients in things other than just fitness and workouts!

The two features I’m going to mention below have also helped get better results out of my in-person personal training clients. Why? Because when they leave my studio I know I can see what they are doing and I am on their mind until their next in-person session.

Beyond fitness coaching, there are two main features I love to use with clients.

1. Nutrition coaching

Trainerize’s nutrition coaching features allow me to provide nutrition coaching to clients who are not interested in online fitness coaching. Some clients already attend a gym or go to a studio; however, that gym does not provide them with personalized nutrition coaching and this opens the window for me to still work with them. 

Not only can I help my clients set daily nutrition goals and have them dial into their caloric intake and macros, but also help them build better eating habits. My clients can track their meals with a simple snap of their camera, or track their meals in full detail by searching for foods in the meal library or by scanning a barcode. Trainerize also integrates with MyFitnessPal, if your clients prefer using that app to track their nutrition. I can also use the Smart Meal Planner to quickly generate meal plan suggestions for my clients, and meal options can be tailored to their personal food preferences. I love that I can use one app to deliver all of my nutrition coaching to my clients and it’s easy to keep track of their progress. This allows me to effectively coach clients in overall nutrition to help them reach their goals.

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2. Habit coaching

The other feature has been a game changer for me and my business—as well as my clients’ results. Habit coaching has allowed me to again reach clients who are looking for overall lifestyle/wellness coaching. Some clients have come to me not looking for a “diet plan and workout regimen,” but more for an overall lifestyle plan. They are looking for an overall lifestyle shift to create healthy habits in every aspect of their life, this is where habit coaching has really helped!

I am able to set specific habits for clients to focus on each week and month. Simultaneously, they continue to work on their fitness and clean eating routines. We often forget things like sleep, daily movement, water intake, slow eating, and abstinence from alcohol—but they all contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. The habit coaching feature will remind clients when they go on streaks or get achievements, this is a great way to keep people on track and create more of a bond with my online training clients. They always feel like you are checking in on them and helping them in more aspects of their life than just working out!

Sure, my main clientele on my Trainerize app uses it for workouts and personalized online coaching. However, it’s been a major key in continuing to build my business to offer other services such as nutrition coaching and wellness/lifestyle coaching.

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