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As a personal trainer, you know that managing your clients and your business is challenging. That’s where using personal trainer software can make all the difference.

With the right platform, you can automate routine tasks, easily customize training programs, process payments without chasing people, and so much more—freeing up your time to train more clients and boost your income!

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best software for your needs? Look no further than ABC Trainerize.

Here’s a closer look at why we’re the top platform for taking your personal training business to the next level.

Why is ABC Trainerize a Leading Personal Trainer Software?

We know we’re biased, but ABC Trainerize is the best personal training software for a reason. Here’s why:

It’s designed for scalability

First, ABC Trainerize makes it easy to scale as your client base grows. For example, our platform is built to seamlessly handle an influx of sign-ups without compromising on delivery. This ensures your business can meet rising demand without breaking a sweat.

It saves you time

Next, ABC Trainerize automates routine tasks like billing and program creation. Integrated payment processing and one-click program customization streamline your workflows. This means you spend less time on admin work and more time actually training clients!

It offers top-notch tracking

Additionally, Robust tracking features allow progress monitoring and goal setting for your clients. And, performance graphs, progress photos, and tracking of metrics like body fat percentage help keep your clients engaged and motivated. This detailed tracking becomes your secret weapon for delivering results.

It facilitates seamless communication

Next, in-app messaging, automated check-ins, and Skype functionality creates an open line of communication between you and your clients. This enhanced level of interaction—even remotely—helps your clients stay motivated to stay on track to reach their fitness goals.

Taken together, these capabilities make ABC Trainerize the ideal platform for streamlining and enhancing your personal training business.

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How to Engage Your Community With Personal Trainer Software

Additionally, keeping clients motivated and accountable is crucial for their progress and for the success of your biz. That’s where using personal trainer software really shines.

Our platform can make monitoring and engaging with your clients easier than ever. Custom training plans with video exercises ensure your clients nail their form every single time. Plus, get notified when your client checks in on a workout or completes an event in their training plan—and give them virtual ‘high-five’ the moment it happens! Clients stay pumped knowing you’ve got their back on their fitness journey.

And if your clients get stuck or need advice, you’re only a message or Skype call away.

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Client onboarding becomes super simple with ABC Trainerize. Get new clients up and running in minutes with easy sign-up through any device. Before they know it, they’re checking in on workouts, tracking progress, and feeling part of your powerful fitness community.

Connectivity tools like these show your clients just how much you care about them and their goals. This stellar service expands your impact beyond the gym into their daily lives!

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Learn to Boost Your Income With Personal Trainer Software

Next, as a fitness professional, you’re always looking for ways to grow your income without necessarily working more. The right online personal training software offers built-in tools that can help you secure the bag.

For example, ABC Trainerize makes it simple to sell online training services as an add-on offering. Now you can send clients extra workouts for non-training days and charge for these online sessions.

Plus, if you’re properly certified, you can also boost revenue by providing nutrition coaching. We integrate with platforms like Evolution Nutrition to deliver customized meal plans. This expands the value you provide through comprehensive fitness and nutrition guidance.

Of course, getting paid shouldn’t be a chore. ABC Trainerize has integrated payments processing so clients can purchase training and nutrition packages with one click. You get paid instantly without the hassle of manual admin. The time savings further maximize your earning potential.

Make Enhanced Personal Training Easier

First, personal training software opens up new possibilities for your business—without overburdening your schedule. ABC Trainerize can enhance your services in key ways:

Flexibility and convenience

Second, online training allows clients to exercise on their own time. This flexibility, paired with lower costs than 1-on-1 sessions, makes your services accessible to more clients.

Progress tracking

Third, detailed tracking features let you monitor client metrics like body measurements, strength gains, cardio endurance, and more. This data-driven approach helps you adjust programs to get results.

Powerful data and analytics

Similarly, leverage data tools like progress graphs and customizable fitness goals to keep clients motivated. Visual markers of success will inspire clients to stick with their programs.

Easy communication

Additionally, messaging and in-app chat foster seamless communication with clients. Quick check-ins and advice help clients stay the course between in-person sessions.

Leveraging these advantages can help take your training to the next level. 

Skyrocket Your Personal Training Business with ABC Trainerize 🚀

We consider ourselves as the best personal training software for good reason. Well, several of them actually! Our suite of capabilities enables personal trainers to scale their business, automate workflows, engage clients, and boost their bottom line.

With an emphasis on client engagement, continuous improvement, and a comprehensive set of features — ABC Trainerize can truly empower trainers to take their fitness business to another level.

Want to learn more? Join the +400,000 trainers using ABC Trainerize by signing up for a 30-day free trial today!

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