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We’ve all seen it happen: a new client vows to turn over a new leaf and commit to a healthy lifestyle. For the first few weeks, they’re up at 6 a.m. for daily workouts, eating clean, and guzzling water. After some time their motivation begins to wane, it becomes more difficult to motivate themselves on a consistent basis, and they find themselves sliding back into old habits.

How can fitness professionals help people like this persevere and hit their fitness goals? The answer is surprisingly simple—offer group training!

Why Group Training is Great for Clients

Group training options have been growing steadily in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason; they offer the results and benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost.

With group online programs there’s an extra layer of accountability that isn’t there when you’re coaching a client one-on-one. Making a commitment to your coach and a group who is holding you to your word can help people push through the tough times.

When fitness consumers work out with other people, they gain a sense of camaraderie. By providing a community for clients to interact with one another in, you boost their chances of success and help them feel like they’re on this journey with others and not on their own.

This positive impact holds true for both in-person training and virtual group fitness, which saw a huge rise in popularity during the pandemic as people began to seek social connection through their lockdown workouts. Not only is group fitness having a moment, but it can have a significant positive impact on your business.

Why Group Training is Great for Personal Trainers and Online Coaches

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness professional or just starting out, you likely want to attract the most business possible. Group training is a great way to maximize your impact and grow your business.

We chatted with Ally McManus and Tiffani Bassi, who are both Trainerize Customer Success Coaches and Trainerize users, to find out some of the benefits of group training. Both Ally and Tiffani agree that one of the major benefits of group training is the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams. “If you’re only offering one-on-one training, you’re missing out on clients who can’t afford that type of training, or who enjoy a group atmosphere,” notes Tiffani. Group training is a win-win financially because the client pays a lower rate and you make more per session from the cumulative group than you would in a private single-client session. You can train fewer hours while impacting more clients, which makes both you and your clients happy!

Ally notes that group training can also help create a community for your clients, which in turn helps to build a positive brand for your business. “When you have free group class spaces, encourage clients to bring a friend along.” Word of mouth and referrals are a powerful way to build your clientele!

Learn more about why group training is a great option and how you can market your services:

How to Get Started With Group Training

Sorry to break it to all you rom-com fans out there, but the truth is that the perfect moment will (almost) never come. That’s why it’s best to just go for it! Ally and Tiffani suggest getting going on group training before you’re ready. “Just start somewhere. You can always improve,” says Tiffani. “Try to offer value with your programs, such as a free trial to build trust and allow clients an opportunity to get to know you.”

Marketing your group training services through social media platforms or promotional videos is a great option, and you could also consider running themed events or workout challenges to help generate buzz. You can even use Trainerize Groups in-app messaging to stay in contact with all group members and keep everyone on track and motivated.

Remember, a big benefit of group training is the opportunity to connect with people you enjoy spending time with. Be genuine and let your personality shine!

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