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4 Tried and True Ways to Land New Clients

Oh boy, here comes the hard part of running your own fitness business. Attracting new clients.

And I’m not talking about the people you already know, or leads who have been curious about your services for quite some time.

I’m talking about starting from scratch. Finding new people, ones you don’t know, and introducing them to your business. Here’s how to introduce brand new people to online personal training, and your fitness business as a whole.

1. Talk to people on social media

Think about it! You might not know a certain person, but when you’re on the gym floor you might see them every day and want to engage them in conversation that goes past a friendly “Hello.” Over time, this builds their trust with you, which then breaks down the barrier of you just being some random trainer.

Now turn this into an online tactic, using the same method. I’m sure you’ve seen the same person liking and/or commenting on your posts. Now’s the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and open a line of communication with them. Send them a DM saying “Hi there! Thanks for following me. Please let me know if there are any questions you want to ask me about fitness, nutrition, or general wellness.” Or even go a step further and click their profile to see a quick glimpse into their lives and what they are like. Then simply message them, saying “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice we like the same type of outdoor activities,” and continue by asking open-ended questions, eventually asking about their fitness regimen. You’ll get a new lead just by putting in some effort to reach out!

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2. Create a downloadable freebie

These are sometimes called “lead magnets.” Basically, you offer them something for free in exchange for an email address. Putting together a simple freebie geared toward your target audience will get you so many leads. You’ll create a download page, which is much like when you put in your email to subscribe to a newsletter. This lead will voluntarily give you their contact information, in exchange for your freebie. After some time, you will have a long list of leads that you can reach out to at any given time.

3. Invite people to your closed Facebook group

If you don’t have a closed Facebook group yet, please create one ASAP! Being invited is a form of flattery. But before just inviting every single person on your Facebook friends list, make sure you know your ideal client. If there are people you know would benefit from your knowledge in fitness, health, and nutrition, send them a quick private message. Say something like “I see you’re interested in XYZ, I’d like to invite you to my closed Facebook group! I give members useful information about fitness and nutrition that you might find interesting and motivating.”

This person will like the exclusivity! Plus, there’s an added bonus that you aren’t going straight to the sales pitch. This person who accepts your invitation is now a lead and you can continue growing that relationship with them over time through your valuable content.

4. Get out in your community

Obviously, this technique is one that needs to wait until we’re post-pandemic. Even then, this one may be a bit harder for some, but get into the community with the Meetups app. You can create and host your own event or even join another event in the area where you think your target audience is hanging out. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself and bring your business cards. People seeing you face-to-face is more beneficial than solely from your online presence, because they can relate more to you while striking up a conversation. Make sure you play the role of listener, as your leads will be all around you.

These tactics are my personal tried-and-true ways of creating a long list of leads that I can send emails, reach out to personally, and even build a record of all conversations I’ve had with them. Every trainer has their list of leads, not just their current clients. Keep them organized, remember where they came from, and categorize them to keep things efficient! Keep in regular contact with your list and soon you’ll have less leads, and more new clients!

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