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Over 400,000 fitness professionals around the world use ABC Trainerize today. Online coaches, personal trainers, nutrition coaches, lifestyle coaches and personal training studios deliver high-quality coaching to over 1.6 million global clients using our platform.

Our journey has always been about changing the status quo. Change is in our DNA. We’re proud of our roots, and proud to be part of ABC Fitness.

Come get to know us, our services, and how we’ve helped to change personal training forever.

What is ABC Trainerize?

ABC Trainerize is a member engagement mobile app and software platform that allows coaches and fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical space, better connect with members, and digitize the training experience.  

By combining fitness, nutrition, and habits with online coaching, ABC Trainerize helps coaches drive deeper behavioral changes and lifestyle choices for their clients—making the world a healthier place.

ABC Trainerize Features

Fitness Coaching

Coaches powering their training with ABC Trainerize can build bespoke training plans for all clients — whether it’s for online, in-person, or group training.

Coaches can offer a whole new range of services, built around live and streamed video, and extend the client experience far beyond a physical space.

Monitor clients’ progress with body stats, before/after body photos, weekly compliance graphs and exercise progress graphs. Our integrations with various apps and wearable devices gives you more access to client data than ever before, allowing you to customize workouts and leverage insights to achieve quicker results.

Nutrition Coaching

Inspire your clients to live healthier, starting with what they eat.

Save time and offer a better client experience delivering nutrition coaching easier through meal photos, macro tracking, meal plans and daily habits—all, easy to track in one single app.

Our Smart Meal Planner lets you develop interactive meal plans based on your clients’ caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences. Give clients up to 3 sample days of meals. Clients can swap meals with similar alternatives and discover new delicious recipes that make eating healthy easier.

It‘s also super easy to get nutrition coaching insights, so you can measure progress, celebrate wins, and help your clients stay on track!

Habit Coaching

Healthy living starts with healthy habits. Empower your clients to be 1% better every day by using ABC Trainerize to schedule habits for them to practice on a daily basis.

Track their progress, celebrate their success, and help them achieve their goals one small change at a time.

ABC Trainerize gives you everything you need to help your clients build and practice good habits when it comes to their activity, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness each and every day.

Client Engagement

ABC Trainerize revolutionizes client engagement for fitness pros by providing features designed to motivate, inspire, and connect with clients on a deeper level.

Keep your clients engaged through in-app messaging, group chats, mobile notifications, voice messaging and more. With customizable goals, milestones, and badges, you can create a gamified experience that incentivizes progress and celebrates achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation among clients.

ABC Trainerize also facilitates community building and engagement through its groups and challenges feature, enabling your clients to interact, support each other, and share their fitness journey experiences.

Client Management

ABC Trainerize is a game-changer for coaches and trainers looking to streamline their client management processes.

Our scheduling and online booking capabilities enables you to efficiently manage appointments and classes, allowing clients to easily book sessions based on their preferences and your availability.

We’ve also streamlined the client onboarding process, by providing tools for client forms, PARQ forms, and other documentation, ensuring a smooth and organized onboarding experience — without any messy paperwork! You can even process and automate payments in the app, so you’ll never have to chase them down again.

For large studios and gyms, ABC Trainerize supports managing multiple locations, enabling fitness businesses to assign team roles and permissions, manage trainers and their clients across different locations — enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.

Business Growth

When you use the above features to become more efficient in how you run your fitness business, it leaves more time to focus on growth. You can use ABC Trainerize to sell more personal training, to clients from all over the world, with seamless in app sign-ups and integrated payments.

You can link your social media account and blog to your ABC Trainerize profile. Clients can share their workouts on their social channels and help promote your fitness business. Trainers can also get an online profile that connects you to over 100 million users in the digital fitness community. Consumers can find you by location or specialty and connect.

Custom Branded App

You can make ABC Trainerize your own with a Custom Branded App!

Use our tech with your branding to drive engagement and build stronger connections with clients and members. It’s the ultimate way to digitize your fitness business and deliver a training experience that’s uniquely yours.

From app icons, to color themes, integrations, widgets, and more: find the level of customization that’s right for you.

Who Uses ABC Trainerize?

Whatever your business model, we’ve got what you need to achieve your goals!

Trainers and Coaches

Deliver a customized coaching experience for your clients — wherever, whenever, and however they train.

Why personal trainers win with ABC Trainerize:

– Elevated training: Train more clients, more efficiently, wherever in the world they might be.

– Enhanced branding: A custom branded app is the ultimate way to showcase your expertise, while building personalized programs for your clients.

– Holistic approach: Our 360° approach to health encompasses training, nutrition, and habits that help your clients make real and lasting changes.

– Increased revenue: Generate new revenue streams through online training, phased/on-demand programs, membership bundles, and more.

Gyms and Studios

Gyms and studios use ABC Trainerize for growth, by keeping members fully engaged and coming back for more.

Here’s why gyms and studios win with ABC Trainerize:

– Time saved: No more notebooks and messy desks. Save time, fill schedules and get a clear sight of your team and your clients.

– Increased client base: ABC Trainerize provides training made for both in and outside of the gym. Provide more to your drop-ins and turn them to regulars. Onboard clients from anywhere in the world!

– Unrivalled member experience: Craft your clients’ experience to make them feel connected, inspired, and eager to come back for more. Your gym can be more than just a place to train.

Enterprises and Franchises

It’s no longer just about workouts that happen in your club. Tap into the future of personal training and deliver a 360° experience that unlocks your members’ full potential. 

Why ABC Trainerize is the app your trainers have been asking for:

– Powerful data: Put member data into your trainers’ hands and empower data-driven coaching — turn insights into opportunities!

– Digitized services: Optimize the way your trainers build and deliver coaching by digitizing your services. This allows you to unlock multiple revenue streams and reach new markets.

– Efficient processes: Streamline your team’s day-to-day tasks and cut down on admin and overhead time. Ditch the pen and paper and simplify client onboarding.

What Sets ABC Trainerize Apart?

From day 1, we’ve been passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone. And, we always will be!

Here are three of the many reasons that we believe using ABC Trainerize is the right choice to make when looking to take your fitness business to the next level.

We’re Inspired by You

Ensuring our customers’ success is at the heart of every decision we make, and we’re committed to building the best personal trainer software on the planet. We’re always open to user feedback about how we can improve our app (we recently launched challenges, grocery lists and voice messaging!), and assist our users as we work collaboratively to elevate the fitness industry.

If we were to sum this up in one sentence, we’d look no further than the ABC Fitness Mission: “to help our customers turn their fitness visions into seamless reality”.

Our Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

We’re big believers in a 360° approach to health and wellness. ABC Trainerize isn’t just a workout app—we’re a fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching app. By incorporating all three pillars of health and wellness into the app, trainers can help their clients build healthy lifestyles.

We Help You Level Up Your Skills

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to professional development. We’ve built strong relationships with some of the leading businesses and educators across the health and fitness industry, and we’ve turned those relationships into major opportunities for you to level up your skills. Our users can access the ABC Trainerize Education Partner Program, where you’ll discover a career-changing collection of courses, resources, and more.

What Do Our Customers Think?

23W attributes 10-20% of their total revenue growth to ABC Trainerize, which has empowered them to grow in several different ways.

“That margin has really allowed us to hire new coaches, retain awesome coaches, add more value to our members, and be able to look at new offers and services that we can be adding.”
Ange Drake, Founder 23W

Since teaming up with ABC Trainerize, Revolution Fitness has been able to adopt a hybrid training model. This means their clients can get the quality experience they’ve come to expect from Revolution no matter where they might be.

“Our main offering is in person, but since we’ve brought Trainerize onboard it’s allowed us to expand into hybrid and remote offerings as well”.
Luke Curran, Gym Manager Revolution Fitness

You can view all our customer case studies here.

Level up Your Fitness Business with ABC Trainerize

Do you want to quickly and easily deliver fitness programs and nutrition coaching? Are you looking for more ways to engage and motivate your clients? And what if you could do all of this while boosting your revenue?

With fitness, nutrition, and habit-coaching features, plus in-app messaging, progress tracking, and so much more — ABC Trainerize is truly everything you need to motivate, inspire, and grow.

Give it a try and see for yourself — sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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