Open the doors to your digital studio.

Use live video calling and on-demand video to take member engagement to the next level—no matter where they're training. Discover how you can use video to lead training sessions, run consultations and check-ins, host online classes and more.

Unlock the power of video coaching.

Offer a whole new range of services, built around live and streamed video, and extend the member experience far beyond your studio.

Video coach filming

Take your PT sessions, consultations, and assessments online with live 1-on-1 video call sessions.

Transform your clients' fitness routines by creating a library of on-demand videos they can access anywhere, anytime.

Monetize your video services through digital memberships, recurring subscriptions, or one-time purchases.

Engage your clients and personalize their training experiences with accountability-driving video call sessions.

Combine group and video features to build community and keep your members connected and motivated.

Follow-along video workouts, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Shake up your clients' fitness routines with everything from classes and workouts to guided meditations, stretches and more.

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Deliver an amazing member experience with on-demand video.

Offer on-demand fitness classes and follow-along workouts.

On-demand fitness classes

Include video workouts in client programs and training phases.

Video workouts in client programs

Share a follow-along video workout as a special WOD (workout of the day).


Post video workouts in groups to activate the live participant feed and make your clients feel like they're part of something big!

Video workouts in groups

Create a library of on-demand video content accessed through tiered app memberships.

Library of on-demand videos

Live and personalized,
1-on-1 video call appointments.

Offer 1-on-1 coaching calls that boost motivation, deliver accountability, and keep you connected to your clients.

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Check out these resources to learn how to use video calls in your business.

Take your training to the next level with 1-on-1 video calls.

Schedule appointments with built-in video calls.

Schedule appointments

Share quick-join links and automatically remind clients about upcoming appointments.

Share quick-join link

Run 1-on-1 online initial consultations, goal setting sessions, and progress check-ins.

Run face-to-face consultation

Market and sell training products and packages with built-in video sessions and 3 different types of coaching calls (training, nutrition, and habits).

Market and sell live video

Offer video coaching session packs as add-on products that are easy to upsell and combine with other products.

Addon products

Your brand, center stage.

Offer members a training experience that's uniquely yours with a custom branded app.

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Your brand

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