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How to Incorporate Outdoor Training Into Your Client’s Programs

When the weather starts warming up, sunshine calls. Your clients might not want to go to the gym since they’d rather be outside enjoying the fresh air.

If your clients lose interest in their workout routine, you might see negative effects of this in your client retention and sales. Taking time off makes it tough for clients to get back into their daily habit, so try to think outside the box. Get those clients excited about their training programs—and about working out with you! Make these workouts available for them on-the-go to keep them engaged, and to get yourself outside too! It’s a win-win. Try my tips to get your clients excited to work out outside when the gym isn’t an option… or isn’t as appealing.

Create No-Equipment-Needed Workouts

You know that a workout can be just as effective without weights or fancy machines. Why not make their workouts outdoors-friendly? Make this extra simple by putting together bodyweight exercises that require no equipment—then they just need themselves and their phone. Here’s one of my go-to full-body circuit workouts that requires no gear:

  • 20 air squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 plank jacks 
  • Repeat as many times you, as their trainer, sees fit 

It’s a simple yet challenging workout that anyone can do without weights. Your clients will love it!

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Use the Timer Feature in the Trainerize App

Of course, the timer is great for timed circuits. But you can also use this timed feature for outdoor walking, jogging, and running. Conveniently, the timer feature allows music to play over the timer, so encouraging your clients to go for a run while listening to music or a podcast might be just the push they need to stay on their fitness routines.

Ask for #SweatSelfies

Your clients love watching your workouts on social media. Why not ask them to share theirs? A great way to get your clients engaged is to ask them for their #sweatselfies and send them to your private messaging feature, or post publicly on social and tag you! Ask for a workout shot with a view of their at-home gym setup. This will get them motivated to get their workout in because they know you are expecting a picture as proof. 

Challenge yourself to decrease your client drop-off rates. The above techniques are tried-and-true—I always use to keep my clients motivated and ensure I have minimal client loss! By making workouts accessible and motivating, your clients will get excited to try new ways of working out, and you’ll enjoy growing your client base and improving client retention. 

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