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Top 5 Personality Traits of an Online Trainer

Sometimes the biggest difference of being an in-person trainer vs. an online trainer is how you convey your personality. As an online trainer, you must be able to convey yourself as a real human. You’re real, rather than one of those fitness apps with zero human connection.

Think about it: when you come across an entrepreneur online, do you buy right away? Or do you search through their posts to see what kind of person they are and how they relate to their product? More than likely you are searching through their entire social media profile to see what kind of person they are and how that product or service helps their personal life.

Know that your potential clients are doing the same! They’re searching through your posts and looking for an authentic relationship. The power of social media is that even though you may not know someone, you develop a sense of connection as you watch their day-to-day activities. As a result, they’re getting to know your personality.

Here’s what I see as the most important qualities of a personal trainer, and how to apply them to your online marketing. Remember, every person is unique and these following personality traits can be transformed into your unique style and way of business. Plus, I will give pro tips to apply to your own fitness business for each trait!

#1 Trait of a Personal Trainer: Upbeat

Having an upbeat personality will help you stand out online. Having a smile on your face is welcoming even behind a screen. I’m sure you can agree with me that no one wants a trainer that seems standoffish. In order to come off as an inviting trainer, you want to make sure your upbeat personality offers a welcoming energy.

Pro Tip: Use Instagram Stories to share a success story of a client! Use your upbeat energy to talk about how they were able to transform and how happy you were to be part of that transformation.

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#2 Trait of a Personal Trainer: Good listener

This is a wonderful personality trait to have as an online trainer as you are also your own sales team. Being a good listener means you are sympathetic to that person’s needs. As an online trainer, understanding your exact client’s needs is going to help you put together the right program for them.

Pro Tip: During your first call with your client, ask clear questions. And then, listen to the answer! Sometimes “dead air” can be uncomfortable but try counting to three before speaking again to ensure your client is done responding to that one question.

#3 Trait of a Personal Trainer: Motivating

As an online trainer the motivation is an absolute must. In person, your physical energy might be enough to push your client, but online, your motivation must translate through the screen. Even through your social media posts you must be able to not only provide a quick workout post, but the motivation behind that must scream out through the screen.


Pro Tip: When writing content for a workout post to your social media, use CAPITAL letters and eye catching emojis 💪🏻🕺🏻💯🏋🏽‍♀️⭐️ when describing your workout routine. Seems small, but the expression through your words can really increase motivation to a potential prospect looking at your post.

#4 Trait of a Personal Trainer: Confident

This one is HUGE! People can pick up on your personality through your social media posts in just seconds. You want to engage your audience and be the expert in your field. You must be a leader in your fitness business and command respect as a coach. This takes practice as some people find it a bit intimidating to speak to an audience behind a screen! However, the more you can work on this confidence, the more attention you will acquire through potential clients who are watching your posts.

Pro Tip: Ask potential clients the question “Why should I work with you as a client?” This puts you at the point of authority making your potential clients understand that you don’t just work with anyone!

#5 Trait of a Personal Trainer: Relatable

People want to know you’re a real person. They want to know you don’t walk around eating salads all day! No, you don’t work out for four hours a day every single day. They want to know the real you. The “real you” is someone who can be transparent and relatable even while using social media. The more real you are to a potential client, the more they will relate to you. Plus, they’ll be more likely to want to use your services.

Pro Tip: Head onto social media and talk about life! Maybe how your child threw a temper tantrum!? Seriously, people respond very well to this level of transparency. They will be more willing to use your services as a trainer as they know you are just a regular person trying to do their best in the world.

Be mindful of the way you are coming across in your own social media platforms and as an online trainer. Ask for feedback and use it as productive criticism. Continue to grow and put forth your best characteristics as an online personal trainer and coach to help your business and revenue grow.

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