More than a game-changer. A life-changer.

Create a digital bridge between fitness trainers and their clients.

A New Way To Train

In this digital age, working out is no longer connected to a physical space. Trainerize empowers fitness professionals to be closer to their clients anytime, anywhere. By combining online workout tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world’s best fitness add-ons, Trainerize makes it possible for trainers to look after their clients in a revolutionary new way. It saves time and resources, taking away the burden of planning, managing and scheduling. This allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients.

Core Values

We measure the impact of our work by how much value it gives to our clients’ businesses. This is why we embrace a culture that’s customer centric; our clients’ success inspires every decision we make. Through our creativity, innovation and vision of the future of fitness, we’re committed to building the best personal trainer software on the planet.

Meet Our Team


Sharad Mohan

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder


Farhad Gulamhusein

Chief Operating Officer


Ricky Ying

Development Director / Co-founder


John La

QA Director / Co-founder


Trevor Chong

Product Director / Co-founder


Ryan Walmsley

Front-end Developer


Paula Liza Bartis

Marketing Director


Taylor Patterson

Trainerize Coach


Laura Dunlop

Content Marketing Manager


John Bourlet

Trainerize Coach