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introduction to trainerize

Trainerize Overview Video

Overview of Trainerize

This video will walk you through Trainerize and discuss how to monetize and build your online training programs, and how to combine them with in-person training. We'll also talk about what your client sees on their end when using the Trainerize mobile app.

Pricing models of online and combination training
Setting up subscription training programs
Benefits of using Trainerize
What a client sees in the app

train clients online

Trainerize Training Clients Features video

Setup the basics and add a client

Here, we will walk you through setting up a basic Trainerize account. We'll show you how to create your profile, add your first client, and how to set up and send your client a training plan with multiple workouts. You'll also learn how to create workout templates, organize them with tags, and copy entire workout templates to multiple clients at once.

Setup your profile
Add a client
Sign in access vs. no sign in
Create a workout template
Organize workouts with tags
Create a training plan with workouts
Send workouts to your client
Copy workouts to multiple clients

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Trainerize Training Clients Features video

Manage and track your clients

In this video, we'll show you how to manage your clients' workouts in the calendar and track their progress. We'll explain the different ways of tracking workouts and how to monitor all client progress. We will give you a full tour both on the web and on the mobile app. Get ready to learn (and take notes if you like)!

Monitoring clients with custom and auto tags
Scheduling workouts in the calendar
"Check in" vs. "Track Stats"
Monitor clients' progress
Track clients on the mobile app

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market your fitness business

Trainerize Marketing Features video

Extend your business with apps and add-ons

Now that you're all up and running, it's time to explore even more ways in which you can grow your online training business. In this video, we'll teach you how to customize the consultation form (that is automatically sent to clients) to get the right information about each individual client. You'll also learn how to activate Trainerize add-ons and connect your social media accounts. Check it out!

Activate add-ons like Mindbody, Withings, YouTube, Evolution Nutrition, MyFitnessPal and Zapier
Customize the client consultation form
Add a PayPal button to your Trainerize website
Upload videos to the Video Drive

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Trainerize Marketing Features video

Promote Your Business

In this video, we'll show you how to customize your Trainerize app with your logo and preferred theme, as well as how to connect it to an existing website. We'll also share best practices for setting up a beautiful and inviting profile to attract new clients.

How to set up your profile and Trainerize site
Connect a custom domain
Embed a login button on your existing website
Add your logo and color theme
How to get your own custom app

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