Healthy Students, High Performance

Empower your students to lead a healthier lifestyle by cultivating healthy habits, establishing a consistent workout routine, and embracing a nutritious diet — all through your school's own health app.

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More client engagement


Increase in clients month over month


Growth year
over year

Track and Field Athlete

Educate, Engage, Connect

Create an environment where your students feel inspired and motivated.

  • Enjoy a 360° approach to student health and wellness
  • Eliminate friction with admin tasks like onboarding and program management
  • Keep students accountable to their goals by building a healthy lifestyle through an engagement—first approach
  • Stay personable as you grow with easy customization options at scale
  • Build community and open up communication for your students

Top Universities are Using ABC Trainerize to Power Their Health & Wellness Programs

Custom branded app screens Custom branded app login screen Custom branded app progress screen Custom branded app logo Custom branded app splash congrats screen Dark blue square

Your BRAND, our APP.

Shine a spotlight on your brand and build a community your students feel apart of.

  • Standalone listings in app stores
  • App icon
  • Login screen/welcome screen
  • In-app screens
  • Custom workout videos
  • Custom Apple Watch App
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Custom branded app home screen Custom branded app training screen Custom branded app apple watch Custom branded app todo screen Light blue square

How Universities and Schools Can Win with ABC Trainerize

Whatever your business model, we've got what you need to achieve your goals.

Exercise program screens Mobile app screen Master program screens ABC Trainerize App widget

Increase Student Engagement

Create a student experience where everyone feels supported and inspired. With home programs, hybrid coaching, and automated messages and check-ins, you can help students live a healthier lifestyle.

Go Digital

The days of student files, notebooks, and messy desks are behind you. Keep an eye on how your clients are progressing and share programs across your team.

Save Time

Low-touch, high reward. Automate interactions with students and save time on admin tasks like scheduling, programming, and payments. Train your students faster, easier, and seamlessly.

Elevate Your Programming

Healthy body, healthy mind, happy students. Empower your students to make real, lifelong changes through training, nutrition, and habits.

ABC Trainerize - more than a fitness app

Health and Fitness Tracking Made Easy

Keep your students accountable and progressing with their training and nutrition faster and easier.

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Grow your School's Health and Wellness Program to See Performance Rise

Just see for yourself.

All-In-One Pricing for Your All-In-One Plan

Universities and schools who want to deliver results.
ABC Trainerize makes that easier.

Monthly Billing

Yearly Billing

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Studio Plus

For single or multi-location fitness studios and gyms who have up to 500 members. Complement your in-person training and take your fitness online with ABC Trainerize.

$250 USD/month
  • Up to 500 clients
  • Unlimited trainers
  • 1 location*
*Price for each studio location added. Add additional locations inside your account (up to 4).
*Do you have more than 4 locations? Customize your plan for your needs. Talk to us.

Studio Plus plan includes:

  • Branded mobile app and Apple Watch app with Studio level customizations
  • Standardize programming with master workouts and programs
  • Working tracking and performance reports
  • Digital member profiles with progress tools, compliance metrics, and body measurements
  • In-app nutrition tracking and PDF meal plans
  • Habit and lifestyle coaching
  • In-app client messaging and groups
  • Ability for clients to connect to Apple Health/Apple Watch, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Withings
Get the best of ABC Trainerize, all add-ons included.

Take your business to the next level

Get the best of ABC Trainerize - ALL add ons included in studio plan

Advanced Nutrition Coaching

Take your nutrition coaching to the next level with the Smart Meal Planner. Quickly generate and deliver meal plans for your clients based on their caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences.

  • Generate smart meal plans
  • Clients can swap meals
  • Add custom meals to curate your own business meal library
coming soon
  • Clients can generate shopping lists
Stripe Integrated Payments

Enjoy a seamless payment experience by connecting Stripe to ABC Trainerize. Sell your products online, take payments, automate product delivery, and more!

  • Access to the Stripe add-on to power online integrated payments
  • Built-in automation features
  • Instantly deliver content to your clients
  • Ability to book and track sessions
  • Flexible payout schedule
Custom Branded App

Make ABC Trainerize your own with a Custom Branded App. You can customize the look and feel of your app to reflect your brand.

  • Provide a personalized experience for your clients and members
  • Your own white-labeled version of the mobile app, powered by ABC Trainerize
  • The Studio level CBA offers a branded app name and icon, themed in-app interface, and a branded Apple Watch app

*For futher app customization, check out our Enterprise plans.

Video Coaching

Drive accountability and spark motivation through in-app video coaching. Deliver live and on-demand video classes and virtual coaching sessions and introduce more options in your memberships.

  • Includes 500 hours video calling and 5000 hours video streaming time monthly
  • Extra video call time is sold in packs of 20 hours for $10 per pack.
  • Extra video streaming time is sold in packs of 100 hours for $10 per pack.
ABC Trainerize desktop app

The Setup You Need to Succeed

Hit the ground running and get set up for success with our personalized onboarding experience.

  • Dedicated support from an ABC Trainerize Onboarding Specialist
  • Setup and coaching calls
  • Access to our studio support community
  • Exclusive Business Masterminds and Feature Showcase sessions

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From Health to Success:
How Universities Can Support Healthy Lifestyles for Students

A healthy body is key to a student's healthy mind. Universities can help their students adopt a healthier lifestyle by keeping them accountable, tracking their progress, and building new healthy habits. Learn how your Education Institute can help your students stay healthy all year long.

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