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Designed to drive engagement and build stronger connections with clients and members, custom branded apps are the ultimate way to digitize your business and deliver a training experience that's uniquely yours.

Drive client engagement 24/7.

Stand out from the crowd and get a leg up on your competition while delivering a training experience that's like no other.



Deliver your trademark training style and get your members moving with your branded workout app.



Fuel your clients' success with your branded approach to nutrition and healthy eating.



Turn small changes into big results with a branded habit coaching experience for your clients.



Stay connected to your clients and keep motivation high with in-app messaging, video calls, groups, and more.

That's what we call the WOW factor.

From app icons, to color themes, integrations, widgets, and more: find the level of customization that's right for you. With three different app types to choose from, there's a branded app for every business.

Pro Custom Branded App

The fastest and easiest way to get your very own custom mobile app with light customization. Best for independent fitness, nutrition, and wellness professionals.

Pro xustom app screens
ABC Trainerize Shared Apple App Store Listing
Custom iOS App Icon (applied after sign-in)
Your Own Google Play Store Listing
App Updates
Themed Navigation Bar

Studio Custom Branded App

Showcase your brand by customizing your app's theme, screen icon, and individual app store listing. Best for studios, gyms, clubs, and influencers.

Studio cusstom app screens
Your Own Apple App Store Listing
Custom iOS App Name and Icon
Your Own Google Play Store Listing
App Updates
Themed Navigation Bar
Themed In-app Interface
API Access

Enterprise Custom Branded App

Lead the industry with complete design to analytics features that ensure you have full control of your business. Best for large fitness clubs, chains, and franchises.

Enterprise custom app screens
Your Own Apple App Store Listing
Your Own Google Play Store Listing
Custom iOS App Name and Icon
App Updates
Themed Navigation Bar
Themed In-app Interface
API Access
Custom Icon Packs
Single Sign-on
Analytics Integrations

Which Custom Branded App will you choose?

Each of our Custom Branded Apps are designed to help you drive member engagement and take your business to the next level. Explore the customizable features available with each app type to find the one that's right for you.

$99 USD one-time fee
Included in Studio Plans
Included in Enterprise Plans
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  • Publishing
    Self-serve Publishing

    After purchasing your app, you'll be directed to a form where you'll be asked to submit specific information and design assets needed to create your app. Once submitted, our team will use your materials and specifications to build your app. You'll be contacted as soon as it's ready.

    Full-serve Publishing

    Due to their additional level of customization, Studio and Enterprise custom apps are built through collaboration with our team. Once purchased, our team will reach out to begin the process and will work with you to collect or create all the materials and information needed. Our team will also guide you through the process of setting up your own app store accounts so your custom app can be listed separately from ABC Trainerize.

    Self-serve Full-serve Full-serve
  • Revisions

    We want your custom app to match your brand and vision. That's why our Pro custom app comes with an easy-to follow setup form with detailed instructions on how to submit your brand assets and design specifications.

    Due to their addition levels of customization and more complex setup process, all Studio apps include 1 round of revisions at no additional cost, while Enterprise apps include 3 rounds.

    None 1 round included 3 rounds included
  • App Store Developer Accounts
    App Store Developer Accounts

    To offer you an affordable, hassle-free way to get a custom mobile app, Pro apps share ABC Trainerize's Apple Developer accounts. This means that Pro apps do not get their own app store listings. Instead, clients and trainers download the main ABC Trainerize app and the custom branding is applied after they sign in.

    To allow for greater control and flexibility over branding and so that they can have their own App Store listings, Studio/Enterprise apps are published under unique Apple Developer Accounts.

    Apple Developer Accounts are $99 USD/year (one-time fee) and Google's Developer Accounts have no additional cost. Our team will walk you through the process of setting up your developer accounts.

    ABC Trainerize Your own Your own
  • DUNS number
    What is a D-U-N-S number?

    A Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses.

    To request a D-U-N-S Number, you will need your:

    • Legal entity name
    • Headquarters address
    • Mailing address
    • Work contact information
    • Business registration documents

    Individual Apple developer accounts cannot be accepted.

    Not required Required Required
  • App Store Listing Page
    Pro Apps

    Since Pro apps share ABC Trainerize's developer account, they do not include their own unique app store listings in the Apple App Store.

    Studio/Enterprise Apps

    Because Studio and Enterprise apps are built under unique Apple Developer accounts they include their own Apple App Store and Google Play Store listings that you can use to attract new clients and drive more sales.

    ABC Trainerize Your own Your own
  • App Store Screenshots
    Pro Apps

    Since Pro apps share ABC Trainerize's developer accounts, you do not get your own Apple app store listing page. Clients and trainers will download the app from the main ABC Trainerize app store listing. Custom branding is applied on sign-in.

    Studio Apps

    All Studio apps include unique listings in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that you can use to attract new clients and sell more services.

    Enterprise Apps

    In addition to all of the App Store listing options available with the Studio app, Enterprise custom app listings can be further customized through the addition of your own graphics or videos. This gives you complete control over how your app store listings looks.

    ABC Trainerize Semi-custom Fully custom
  • Custom Branded App Name ABC Trainerize Fitness App Your own Your own
  • Custom Branded App Icon (applied after sign-in)
  • Branded Top Navigation Bar
    Branded Top Navigation Bar

    Your top app navigation bar will be branded with your main color and your logo.

  • Themed In-app Interface
    Themed In-app Interface

    Your main app colors will be applied to buttons, graphs, icons and other elements of the app.

  • App Updates
  • Custom App Welcome Video
  • Apple Watch App ABC Trainerize
  • API Access
  • Custom shortcuts and links
  • Custom Icon Packs
  • Custom Widgets
  • Single Sign-on
  • Analytics Integrations
    Analytics Integration

    As a multi-location club, gym chain, franchise, or large-scale fitness enterprise, you may want to gather data about your clients or members and how they're using using the app or engaging with your services.

    For Enterprise apps, we will work with you to connect your app to your preferred analytics tool so that you and your team can gain valuable insight into key business metrics.

The ultimate way to grow your business.

Download our free guide to learn how to take your member experience to the next level and make fitness technology a seamless part of your brick and mortar business.

Screens of the TZ app


A Custom Branded App (CBA) is a white-label mobile app. This essentially means, we take the current ABC Trainerize app (and all the cool features) and update it to reflect your branding. Based on the app level, different customizations are available.

We offer 3 levels of apps to accompany your subscription plan. Each level has a different scope of branding and customization available. More information here.

The Pro CBA costs $99 USD (charged one time). It is an add-on to your subscription, whereas Studio and Enterprise level the app is part of your subscription. Note: Studio and Enterprise apps require you to have your own Apple Developer Account ($99USD/year charged by Apple directly).

For a Pro CBA, follow the steps here. For Studio and Enterprise, get started by enrolling in the Apple Developer Program (if not already). Read more about the requirements to get a white-label Studio or Enterprise app by heading here.

There are two factors at play: your app type (Pro, Studio, Enterprise) and Apple/Google approval time as every app must be approved. For Studio/Enterprise, average turnaround time is 4 weeks once we have everything we need.

Yes! Following the release of a new version of ABC Trainerize, we update all of our custom branded apps. If you are Studio or Enterprise level, it is your responsibility to ensure your Apple Developer Account is in good standing to get the latest updates (annual membership paid, terms of use regularly agreed to).

Visit our Help Center for more information.

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