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We’re not going to sugarcoat it…if you’re not focused on revenue growth for your gym business this year, you’re at risk of treading water…and we just don’t want that for you. We like you too much!

The gym world is fast-paced and ever-changing. But, that doesn’t mean you have to jump on every single passing fad to increase sales. Plus, looking at what your competition is doing isn’t the most reliable way to figure out what’s gonna actually work for your gym.

But don’t sweat it—we won’t leave you hanging. In this post, we’ll share 10 battle-tested strategies for increasing your gym revenue. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get to work!

10 Surefire Ways to Increase Revenue for Gyms

Ready to get fresh ideas for how to increase sales for your gym? Let’s dive into these tried-and-true strategies:

#1: Focus on membership retention

Did you know that acquiring a new member costs between 5-25x more than keeping an existing one? Yuuuup. 

And, with member churn rates averaging around 50% annually in the fitness world, plugging this revenue leak should be your top priority. 

While retention is so important that it deserves its own post (we got you), we have a few strategies to consider in the meantime that’ll help boost your retention rate: 

  • Build a strong community and foster social connections within your gym. Members who feel like part of a tight-knit community are much more likely to stick around long-term. Strong social bonds keep people motivated and accountable.
  • Implement smart tech to engage members and track progress. Allowing members to easily monitor their fitness journey keeps them invested. Plus, white label fitness apps like ABC Trainerize enable gyms to better personalize the member experience.
  • Offer diverse programs and cross-training opportunities. Keeping things fresh with new workout challenges or class types prevents plateaus and boredom from settling in. Variety shows continued value.
  • Collect member feedback and continually improve the experience. Gyms that actively listen and make improvements based on member feedback show they truly care about delivering a top-notch experience. Members notice!

Research shows increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits. Anywhere from 25-95%. So even small changes focused on retention can make a huge impact on your gym’s revenue.

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#2: Leverage gym management software

The next move to drive revenue growth? Implementing game-changing gym management software like ABC Trainerize. Our platform provides a 360° approach to your members’ health and wellness so they feel connected, inspired, and eager to come back for more.

Sure, we make tedious admin tasks a thing of the past. But where we really shine is allowing you to craft a highly engaging experience that keeps your members motivated, achieving their goals, and seeing real results.

The numbers speak for themselves. Gyms powered by ABC Trainerize report 3x more client engagement, 20% increase in clients month over month, and 50% growth year over year.

So if you’re serious about taking your gym’s revenue to the next level, we can help get you there. 

#3: Increase membership referrals 

Boosting membership referrals is another proven revenue growth strategy for your gym. 

One approach is implementing an enticing referral program that incentivizes your current members to spread the word. For example, Planet Fitness rewards members with a free month for every friend that signs up.

Another winning tactic is hosting regular “Friends & Family” days that provide guest passes or free trials, which allows prospects to experience your gym first-hand. 

Lastly, your gym might explore creative referral partnerships with local businesses, offices, or residential communities. For instance, you could partner with apartments in the area to offer exclusive discounts, generating a steady stream of new member sign-ups.

#4: Offer various packages or membership tiers 

Another strategy to increase revenue is offering diverse packages and membership tiers. One approach is creating tailored fitness packages for different demographics, e.g., moms, seniors, athletes, etc.

Your gym can also entice clients to upgrade to premium or elite membership tiers with added amenities or services. For instance, a basic membership could provide core gym access, while premium tiers could unlock perks like one-on-one training, kids programming, spa services, and more.

Don’t overlook virtual or hybrid coaching, either. Top studios like SoulCycle and Orangetheory monetize digital offerings for clients wanting remote access. You can do it too!

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#5: Create and sell on-demand programs

Creating and selling on-demand fitness programs is another revenue growth strategy your gym could leverage. On-demand programs provide members with access to a library of workouts, tutorials, and resources they can access anytime, anywhere.

The benefits for your members are huge — ultimate convenience to fit working out into their busy schedules, the ability to pick workouts targeting their specific goals, and valuable resources to complement their in-gym sessions.

Here are some common examples on-demand programs your gym could offer: 

  • Library of premium workout videos behind a paywall
  • YouTube channel with subscription access
  • Customized program downloads (e.g. 8-week strength training plan)
  • Nutrition guides, recipe books, and meal plans

By monetizing this type of premium digital content, your gym can significantly increase its revenue while boosting engagement and results for your members.

#6: Sell gym merchandise and essential workout items

Selling merch and retail products is another practical way to boost your gym’s revenue. 

When it comes to branded apparel like t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and hoodies, your members will proudly sport these items as a badge of their commitment. Make these highly visible by displaying them at the front desk and even having staff model the latest merchandise. 

So, go beyond apparel to stock essential workout items that enhance the member experience. Offer retail products like resistance bands, water bottles, headphones, and other accessories. It’s super convenient — your members never have to run home if they forget something. These can be displayed near the checkout for easy impulse purchases.

With these items, your gym can create an additional revenue stream while strengthening member loyalty and delivering better overall service. It’s an easy way to increase sales!

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#7: Streamline your lead generation 

What’s lead gen? It’s the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers. A lead is someone that has indicated some level of interest in your gym as a result of your marketing activities.

But simply generating leads is just the first step — you need solid systems to nurture and convert them into paying customers! 

Imagine streamlining that entire lead capture process into one smooth, automated system…No more disjointed spreadsheets or playing inbox tag — everything is centralized so no prospects fall through the cracks. That’s the power of a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) platform

Shocker: ABC Trainerize has you covered with our integrated lead management features! Incoming leads that contact you through your profile automatically become pending clients in your CRM, allowing you to seamlessly continue the nurturing process.

#8: Offer and upsell personal training services

So, are you ready to kick your revenue into high gear? It’s time to consider adding personal training to your roster of services. 

Your members crave personalized attention and accountability to crush their fitness goals. And as a gym owner, you unlock a premium service to upsell with beefy profit margins. Ka-ching!

Just look at the benefits:

  • Accelerated results for your members with customized programs
  • Sticky, long-term training relationships (hello, member retention!)
  • Passive revenue from selling training package
  • Enhanced reputation for your gym (because results speak for themselves)

But you don’t have to go it alone. ABC Trainerize makes it easy to manage your whole training squad. We’ve got you covered with elite programming, simplified scheduling, client tracking, and more…

…All to deliver a world-class training experience that has members lining up to be your next success story. 💪

#9: Offer and upsell nutrition coaching

Nutrition coaching is the ultimate complement to your training offerings — unlocking a new revenue stream while delivering a comprehensive solution for helping members smash their goals.

For your clients, convenient access to an expert nutrition partner means no more guesswork around fueling their bodies. Instead, they get personalized meal plans, food education, and accountability for developing sustainable habits

The result? Accelerated changes to body composition, performance gains, increased energy, and more!

But the real winner is your bottom line. Nutrition coaching diversifies your revenue with a premium, high-margin service. Plus, with better whole-body results, your members stay motivated and renew their training packages…again and again. 

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#10: Partner with local businesses for cross-referrals

Finally, we recommend partnering up with local businesses who serve a similar clientele to increase sales. Cross-promoting your businesses allows everyone to expand their customer bases while serving customers better. A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Some key businesses for your gym to align with:

  • Health food and supplement shops
  • Activewear retailers
  • Physical therapy or sports medicine clinics
  • Wellness service businesses (massage, chiropractic, etc.) 
  • Healthy restaurants and meal prep companies 

So, beyond sharing referrals, co-hosting events like wellness challenges, nutrition workshops. Or open houses provide immense value for all parties involved. You showcase your gym’s offerings while partners promote their services — delivering an enticing integrated experience that drives new business.

Increase gym revenue with ABC Trainerize

Well, here you have it—your ultimate workbook to increase revenue for your gym! Implementing these strategies will help you retain current members, attract new ones, and ultimately grow your gym. 🚀

Over 400,000 fitness pros are using ABC Trainerize, join them by starting a free 30-day trial today!

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